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has been born after, along the years, we realized the gap in the hosting market able to offer client support at the highest standards. A bad host is one, a bad host without support is an entirily other issue. And who needs, as a developer, a silent service? So, back to 2005, we have started to offer great hosting with great support. It hasn't been easy, and it took around 4 months till we were able to read everything there is to know about datancenters and hosting packages. We've already known what a good host should be. We needed to offer the best services to our clients so we've chosen one of the best datacenters in the world, because we respect standards, and we respect people.

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Shared Web Hosting Packages

Enjoy our shared resources web hosting packages with attractive prices!
Beginner Pack
-25 %
SKU: 1,000 MB Memory UPC: 2 GB SSD
25 GB Bandwidth..
S$50 S$67
Ex Tax:S$50
SKU: 1,000 MB Memory UPC: 5 GB SSD
50 GB Bandwidth..
Ex Tax:S$81
SKU: 2,000 MB Memory UPC: 10 GB SSD
50 GB Bandwidth..
Ex Tax:S$97

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